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The characteristic of the DIN solenoid valve connector

3. (solenoid valve connector)Select the principle and structure of the solenoid valve according to the pressure parameters
1) Nominal pressure: this parameter has the same meaning as other general valves and is determined according to the nominal pressure of the pipeline;
2) Working pressure: if the working pressure is low, the principle of direct action or step-by-step direct action must be selected; When the minimum working pressure difference is above 0.04MPa, direct acting type, step-by-step direct acting type and pilot type can be selected.

4. (solenoid valve connector)Electrical selection: AC220V and DC24 shall be preferred as far as possible for voltage specification, which is more convenient.

5. (solenoid valve connector)Select according to the duration of continuous operation: normally closed, normally open, or continuously energized
1) When the solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time and lasts longer than the closing time, the normally open type shall be selected;
2) If the opening time is short or the opening and closing time is not much, select the normally closed type;
3) However, for some working conditions used for safety protection, such as furnace and kiln flame monitoring, the normally open type shall not be selected, and the long-term energized type shall be selected.

6. (solenoid valve connector)Select auxiliary functions according to environmental requirements: explosion-proof, check, manual, waterproof fog, water shower and diving.