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The troubleshooting of the solenoid valve connector(1)

(solenoid valve connector)The solenoid does not operate when energized

(solenoid valve connector)Different types of solenoid valves

(solenoid valve connector)Check whether the power wiring is poor → reconnect the wiring and connector

Check whether the power supply voltage is within ± working range - → adjust to normal position range

Whether the coil is desoldered → rewelded

Coil short circuit → replace coil

Whether the working differential pressure is inappropriate → adjust the differential pressure → or replace the corresponding solenoid valve

Fluid temperature too high → replace solenoid valve

The main valve core and moving iron core of the solenoid valve are stuck by impurities → clean. If the seal is damaged, replace the seal and install the filter

The liquid viscosity is too high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached → replace the product