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Magnetic valve wiring method


The DIN Solenoid Valve Connector wiring method can be roughly divided into a wiring box (DIN43650 standard) and lead. The wiring box type solenoid valve coil, three terminals in the junction box, and the terminal is a power wiring, and a stand-alone terminal is a ground wire, with a ground symbol identifier. The lead-type solenoid valve typically has two or three leads, generally not positive and negative, and the two leads are directly connected to the power supply. A generally yellow lead in three leads is a ground wire, and the remaining two leads are powered. It should be noted that when the DIN Solenoid Valve Connector is installed, the lead wire is not connected, it is best to control within five meters. The lead is too long, especially the lead wires of the DC voltage, and the current loss is large, which will cause the DIN Solenoid Valve Connector to be used normally.