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The introduction of the DIN valve base

(DIN valve base)Elastic sealing material and small actuator thrust are used to obtain bubble tight seal, compress the sealing stress of the valve seat, make the material elastically deform and squeeze into the rough surface of the matched metal parts to block all leakage paths. The permeability of the material is the basis for a small amount of leakage to the fluid.

(DIN valve base)If the material is too soft or cold deformation (creep) occurs under load, fillers such as glass fiber can be added to harden it. If it is used to make thin sheets, it can still meet the requirements of use and eliminate cold deformation or permanent deformation.

The seal of the DIN valve base must be carefully fixed to prevent rupture and air leakage due to differential pressure. Soft valve seat bonding to metal parts is a method, but it can not completely solve the problem, because the bonding will break and fail when subjected to thermal shock. A sufficiently large pressure drop will destroy the bonding material.