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What is DIN valve base and its material selection

(DIN valve base)The removable surface part in the valve is used to support the fully closed position of the valve core and form a sealing pair. Generally, the valve seat diameter is the maximum flow diameter of the valve. For example, butterfly valves have a wide range of seat materials. All kinds of rubber, plastic and metal materials can be used as seat materials, such as EPDM, NBR, NR, PTFE, peek, PFA, ss315, Stellite, etc.

The material properties(DIN valve base) to be considered when selecting soft valve base are
1) Fluid compatibility, including expansion, hardness loss, permeability, degradation;

2) Hardness;

3) Permanent deformation;

4) Recovery degree after load elimination;

5) Tensile and compressive strength;

6) Deformation before fracture;

7) Modulus of elasticity.