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How to safely use the DIN valve base(2)

Structure(DIN valve base)
The socket assembly shall have sufficient elasticity to ensure sufficient contact pressure on the plug pin. The plug sleeve shall be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant to ensure good contact between the plug and socket; The plug pin of the plug shall be locked and cannot rotate, otherwise it will affect the insertion performance and produce unsafe factors; The converter is equipped with a flexible wire fixing device to ensure that the flexible wire is fixed and can withstand normal tension and torque; When the plug and socket are inserted, the insertion surfaces shall be basically tight to prevent electric shock accidents.

Power cord(DIN valve base)
The power line(DIN valve base)shall have sufficient cross-sectional area to ensure that the power line will not generate heat, cause insulation damage, cause short circuit, fire and leakage, and cause accidents. For example, the cross-sectional area of the power line of the common 250V, 10a converter shall be greater than or equal to 0.75mm2.

Mechanical strength(DIN valve base)
The DIN valve base and socket shall have sufficient mechanical strength to withstand various mechanical stresses caused by drop, impact and extrusion during installation and use; Sockets with protective doors shall prevent single pole insertion.