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How to safely use the DIN valve base(1)

Sign of The DIN valve base
The sign is an important basis to instruct people to install, use and maintain correctly, and is an extremely important safety standard to ensure the safety of personal and property. Plug and socket products shall be marked with rated current, rated voltage, power supply nature, etc. in an obvious position. In addition, the converter (the converter refers to a mobile electrical accessory with only one plug part and one or more socket parts) product shall use the "Max" symbol to mark the rated current and / or power, so as to guide users to avoid overload. Signs or symbols shall be durable and legible. Silk screen printing and paper stickers that can be easily erased shall not be used.

Rating of the DIN valve base
The rated value is the most basic electrical exchange and coordination parameter to ensure the normal, safe and cooperative use of plugs, sockets, converters and connected electrical appliances. For example, the rated current of the converter shall not be greater than the rated value of the plug part. Otherwise, it may cause danger due to over-current heating of the plug when users select electrical appliances according to the rated current of the socket; The minimum rating of converter with fuse and overload protector shall be equal to the rating marked on fuse and overload protector. Otherwise, product damage may occur.

Size of the DIN valve base
Size is an important technical requirement related to whether the plug, socket and converter can be used safely and meet the general interchangeability requirements to avoid misinsertion. Unqualified size will affect the user's use or produce hidden dangers such as poor contact and misinsertion. At least, the equipment will be damaged, and at worst, fire and electric shock accidents will occur.

Electric-shock safeguard DIN valve base
Anti electric shock protection is a key safety index to ensure that the plug, socket and converter will not cause electric shock accidents to users and others under normal use or even some accidents. When the plug and socket are fully or partially inserted, the live part of the plug shall not be accessible; Any pin of the plug shall not be connected with the live socket of the socket when other pins are accessible. Plugs, sockets and converters with protective doors shall be able to prevent single pole or probe insertion.