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The aspect of the DIN solenoid valve connector(1)

1. The external leakage is blocked, the internal leakage is easy to control, and the use is safe(DIN solenoid valve connector)
Internal and external leakage is an element endangering safety. Other automatic control valves usually extend the valve stem, and the rotation or movement of the valve core is controlled by electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. This should solve the problem of leakage of long-term action valve stem dynamic seal; Only the solenoid valve is completed by using the electromagnetic force on the iron core sealed in the magnetic isolation sleeve of the electric control valve. There is no dynamic seal, so the external leakage is easy to be blocked. Electric valve torque control is not easy, easy to produce internal leakage, and even pull off the valve stem head; The structure of the solenoid valve is easy to control the internal leakage until it is reduced to zero. Therefore, the solenoid valve is particularly safe to use, especially for corrosive, toxic or high and low temperature media.

2. The system is simple, easy to connect to the computer, and the price is low(DIN solenoid valve connector)
The solenoid valve itself has simple structure and low price. It is easier to install and maintain than other kinds of actuators such as regulating valve. More significantly, the automatic control system is much simpler and the price is much lower. Because the solenoid valve is controlled by switching signal, it is very convenient to connect with industrial control computer. In today's era of popularization of computers and sharp decline in prices, the advantages of solenoid valves are more obvious.