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The aspect of the DIN solenoid valve connector(2)

3. The action is express, the power is small, and the shape is light(solenoid valve connector)
The response time of the solenoid valve can be as short as a few milliseconds, and even the pilot solenoid valve can be controlled within tens of milliseconds. Because of its own circuit, it is more sensitive than other automatic control valves. The properly designed solenoid valve coil has low power consumption and is an energy-saving product; It can also automatically maintain the valve position by triggering the action without power consumption at ordinary times. The solenoid valve has small overall size, which not only saves space, but also is light and beautiful.

4. The adjustment accuracy is limited and the applicable medium is limited(solenoid valve connector)
The solenoid valve usually has only two states of opening and closing, and the valve core can only be in two limit positions and can not be adjusted continuously, so the adjustment accuracy is also limited.
The solenoid valve has high requirements for the cleanliness of the medium, and the medium containing particles cannot be applied. If it is an impurity, it must be filtered out first. In addition, viscous media cannot be applied, and the applicable medium viscosity range for specific products is relatively narrow.

5. Various models and wide applications(solenoid valve connector)
Although the solenoid valve has inherent shortcomings, its advantages are still very prominent, so it is designed into a variety of products to meet different needs and has a wide range of uses. The progress of solenoid valve technology is also centered on how to overcome congenital shortcomings and give better play to its inherent advantages.