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The specification of the DIN solenoid valve connector

1. Key points of product selection(solenoid valve connector)
1) The main control parameters of solenoid valve are diameter, design nominal pressure, allowable temperature range of medium, interface size, etc.
2) Solenoid valve is used to open and close the valve with electromagnet. It is usually used in two position control with diameter less than 40mm, especially for connecting, cutting off or changing gas and liquid circuits.
3) The sealing performance of valve is one of the main indexes to evaluate the quality of valve. The sealing performance of the valve mainly includes two aspects: internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to the sealing degree of the medium between the valve seat and the closing part. External leakage refers to the leakage of valve stem packing, middle port gasket and valve body caused by casting defects. Leakage is not allowed.
4) The main advantages of solenoid valve are small volume, reliable action, convenient maintenance and low price. Attention shall be paid to the selection of normally open or normally closed type according to the process requirements.

2. Key points of construction and installation(solenoid valve connector)
1) The installation position and height of the valve must meet the design requirements of the port direction, and the connection shall be firm and tight.
2) Visual inspection must be carried out before valve installation, and the valve nameplate shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard gb12220 general valve marks.